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Ugly is a psycho-dark fairy tale with new mechanics. You will have to swap the main character with his own reflection to solve puzzles, defeat bosses and discover all the secrets in a palace where nothing is what it seems.

This game includes:

It is unique, starting from its mechanics which consist in the invocation of your own reflection. It has a crazy variety of logic and skilled strategies that will challenge you to solve puzzles, defeat bosses and unlock all the secrets.
Ugly is a psycho-dark fairy tale about a prince, a mirror, puzzles and huge bosses. It is all about the process of discovering yourself and your traumas through the mirror, which never stops reminding you how ugly you are.
The backgrounds are fully detailed, made with the patience of traditional animation making. It has a quirky and dark atmosphere. You will cry a bit but don’t worry, it doesn’t get too tragic as we are ironical cartoonists.

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Have a look on UGLY's press kit. You will find concept arts, the story of Team Ugly and more cool stuff.

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